Benefits of Propel VPro

At Texas Family Orthodontics, we’re committed to providing you and your family with the best orthodontics has to offer. That doesn’t just mean leading treatments like Invisalign and InBrace lingual braces; it also means awesome supplemental treatments designed to enhance your overall experience. With that in mind, let’s learn a little more about the amazing benefits of Propel VPro and how it can speed up your treatment and reduce any discomfort below. 


Introducing Propel VPro: Revolutionizing Orthodontic Treatment

In the realm of orthodontics, the quest for improved treatment experiences never ceases. Propel VPro and Propel, innovative devices we proudly offer at Central Texas Orthodontics, are poised to revolutionize how you approach orthodontic treatment. These breakthrough solutions address key concerns such as treatment duration, discomfort, and overall efficiency. Let’s dive into what makes Propel VPro and Propel exceptional additions to our orthodontic offerings.

What is Propel VPro?

Propel VPro, powered by the pioneering technology of high-frequency vibration (HFV), stands as the first and only HFV product cleared by the FDA for orthodontic use. This advanced device has been meticulously crafted to accelerate the movement of your teeth during orthodontic treatment, all with the convenience of just five minutes of daily use. The HFV technology introduces micro-pulses that facilitate quicker tooth movement, potentially reducing treatment times by up to an impressive 64%.

The Benefits of Propel VPro

  • Enhanced Treatment Speed: By harnessing the power of HFV, Propel VPro expedites the repositioning of your teeth, leading to a potentially shorter overall treatment duration.
  • Improved Aligner Fit: Propel VPro aids in achieving a snug and comfortable fit of your aligners against your teeth, enhancing treatment outcomes and ensuring optimal results.
  • Reduced Discomfort: The micro-pulses generated by Propel VPro accelerate tooth movement and alleviate the discomfort that may arise when transitioning to new aligners.
  • Minimized Office Visits: With the potential for improved aligner fit and tooth movement, you may experience fewer office visits, making your treatment journey more convenient and efficient.
  • Ease of Use: Incorporating Propel VPro into your daily routine is a breeze, requiring just five minutes each day. This user-friendly approach empowers you to take an active role in your orthodontic journey.


Our team at Texas Family Orthodontics is here to share the amazing benefits of Propel VPro and how it can speed up your treatment!

How It Helps 

Now, let’s explore how the Propel VPro device can enhance your orthodontic journey. The Propel VPro uses high-frequency vibration technology to help your teeth move more efficiently and comfortably.  

By utilizing high-frequency vibration technology, the VPro device aids your teeth in moving more efficiently and comfortably. VPro directs gentle vibrations toward your teeth and gums. These vibrations act as a supportive nudge, prompting your teeth to respond better to movement. This means that your orthodontic treatment can progress more effectively.

Additionally, the VPro’s vibrations contribute to an improved fit of your aligners on your teeth. When your aligners fit well, they can guide your teeth more accurately, ultimately leading to better treatment outcomes. Moreover, if you’ve ever experienced mild discomfort when transitioning to new aligners, the VPro can alleviate this discomfort. Its vibrations assist your teeth in adapting more comfortably to the new aligners.


Step-By-Step Instructions

Using the Propel VPro device is easy and can make your orthodontic journey smoother. Dr. Vo will show you just what to do when we give you the device. For now, though, let’s take a look at what your Propel Vrpo treatments will look like at home! 

  • Charge Your Device: Before you begin, make sure your VPro device is fully charged. Connect the vibration device to the mouthpiece and plug it in to charge. It takes about 6 hours to charge fully.
  • Download the App: Download the VPro+ app on your smartphone. It’s available on both Apple and Android devices. The app can help you track your usage and progress.
  • Place the Mouthpiece: Disconnect the mouthpiece from the vibration device once your device is charged. Gently bite down on the mouthpiece and make sure it’s securely in place between your teeth.
  • Turn on the Device: Turn on the VPro device. The vibrations will start, and you’ll feel a gentle sensation. Hold the device in your mouth for 5 minutes while it works its magic.
  • Use Daily: For best results, use the VPro device daily. You can choose a time that’s convenient for you, whether it’s in the morning, after lunch, or before bed. Just 5 minutes a day can make a big difference!
  • Rinse and Store: After each use, remove the mouthpiece and rinse it under cool water. Let it dry before storing it in the provided charging case. Keep the vibration device away from water.
  • Share Progress: Use the VPro + app to share your progress with Drl. Vo! This helps her see how you’re doing and adjust your treatment plan if needed.


Remember, using the Propel VPro device can enhance your orthodontic experience by reducing discomfort, improving aligner fit, and accelerating tooth movement. It’s a simple addition to your routine, bringing you closer to your dream smile faster. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your orthodontist. Your journey to a straighter smile is in your hands – and with the help of Propel VPro, it’s easier than ever!


Our team at Texas Family Orthodontics is here to share the amazing benefits of Propel VPro and how it can speed up your treatment!

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