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Let Your Smile Shine

If your gums are getting in the way of your smile, laser gum contouring from Texas Family Orthodontics could be the answer.

About Gum Contouring in San Antonio & Windcrest

Your gums frame your smile, and if they’re covering up too much of your teeth, you may not be happy with your smile.

Impacted teeth that haven’t erupted through your gums correctly can be uncomfortable and hinder your orthodontic treatment. Laser contouring is a quick, non-invasive way to correct this problem so you can get back to smiling.

  • Laser contouring can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile
  • Dr. Vo and her trained staff are proud to serve patients from throughout the San Antonio, TX area
  • The fees charged by Texas Family Orthodontics are reasonable and competitive with other orthodontic practices in this area

The Gum Contouring Process

During this procedure, Dr. Katie Vo will use a diode laser to shape your gum tissue to enhance your smile. The laser allows Dr. Vo to make precision cuts with less chance of bleeding and infection.

Your gums will heal quickly, and the procedure is quick and nearly painless.

Your gums may bleed a little when you brush your teeth for the first couple of days after the procedure, and your gums may look red. This will go away quickly, and you’ll heal completely in a matter of days.

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Could Gum Contouring Help You?

Dr. Vo may recommend laser gum contouring if you have any of the following conditions:

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that don’t grow completely through the gum tissue. Laser contouring is an excellent choice for shallow impactions.


The frenum is the tissue that connects the gums to the upper lip. Some people suffer from a frenum that is either too bulky or attaches too low.

Dr. Vo can use laser contouring in a frenectomy procedure to reduce excessive frenum tissue.

Excessive Gums

People with gums that extend too far down on the upper front teeth are often said to have a “gummy smile.”

Thanks to laser contouring, this situation can be easily remedied by Dr. Katie Vo and can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.